Seattle’s inspirational thinker and entrepreneur, Cindy Anne, is finished with old, tired behaviors and misunderstandings. Anne, co-owner of the Emerald City’s historic and dream-like Café Racer, is fed up with the cliché understanding of womxn as catty, inter-competitive and callous. No, Anne says. Womxn are beautiful, subtle, charming and prolific. 


Indeed, one look at Anne’s project, A Girls Room, and it’s evident: womxn run the scene. One aspect of Anne’s homepage is a staggering interview series called, Conversations & Cocktails. The exhaustive endeavor shines a spotlight on the lives and livelihoods of 52 successful womxn as they describe what excites, what inspires and what makes them tick.

 Anne, an adventurer at life's every turn, has a keen ability to pick up on patterns, vibrations and purposes. She is the person in the room dancing like the song is singing for her. She is a wisdom seeker, a mother of five and world traveler. She is an earthly goddess with eyes on the moon. She is a curator of spirit and spirits and all of these ingredients comprise her gift, space for oneself to be in full.


A Girl’s Room is a community of womxn dedicated to the exploration and expansion of your most intimate self.

We understand that through knowledge comes power and each of us is dedicated to helping you become the fullest empowered being you can be.

In Creating A Girl’s Room our intention is to bring to you a place where you can come and explore things that are happening in our world of womxn. You will find advice, information, role models, reviews, opinions and so much on this page and through the events we produce.

At A Girl’s Room our desire is to inspire.

This community is built for you, for womxn by womxn!

In Adoration of All That Is~

       The Girls